Graham Turner

Steve Keen henviser til Graham Turner når det gjelder utsiktene for framtida:

In 2014, Graham Turner at the University of Melbourne completed a 40year update: “Is Global Collapse Imminent? An Updated Comparison of The Limits to Growth with Historical Data.”

Turner gathered data from UNESCO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, US national oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA), the British Petroleum statistical review, and other sources, plotted alongside the Limits to Growth scenarios. The Guardian published his charts showing that world food sources, industrial output, population, pollution, and resource decline all tracked closely to the 1972 “business as usual” scenario that led to crisis in the mid of the 21th century. The data did not match any of the other scenarios. The Guardian concluded, as did Graham Turner, “Limits to Growth was right.”

In 2016, the United Nations International Resource Panel (IRP), published “Global Material Flows and Resource Productivity,” a report that admits what Limits to Growth warned of decades earlier: Resources are limited, human consumption trends are unsustainable, and the resource depletion diminishes human health, quality of life, and future development