John Lee Pettimore

As a miner for 40 years I have worked in various mines around the world. Gold, platinum, copper, coal, lead, zinc, oil and salt. I’m going to tell you something, and here it is. We will destroy the earth in the name of «Green Energy» Follow along and I will explain. MiningWatch Canada is estimating … Les mer

Mining our way to energy transition

«Primary material extraction» steg fra 22 milliarder tonn i 1970 til 70 milliarder i 2010 og det forventes 180 milliarder tonn i 2050. Kilde: UNEP 2016 OECD anslår at materialbruken vil øke fra 79 Gt i 2011 til 167 Gt i 2060, mens per capita forbruk øker fra 33kg til 45kg. I 2017 så fordelingen … Les mer

The four pillars of modern society

These four are responsible for 17% of all energy consumed and 25% of CO2 emissions. Cement 4,4 billion tons A typical modern plant consumes 4 GJ of energy to produce one ton of cement, while the cement production in the world is about 3.6 billion tons per year. It was estimated that the cement manufacturing … Les mer

Our green-looking goods

If you take, like a solar panel, most people assume that’s primarily green. Well, what you need to make quartzite into silicone metal, you need cooking coal. You take the quartzite and put it into a big furnace and burn it at 1500°C, and you get silicone metal. Then you need to turn that silicone … Les mer