Why communism doesn’t work

Most people think that the problem with communism is that people aren’t perfectly altruistic, or central planners aren’t smart enough, but neither of these is the real issue. The real bottleneck is data, not intelligence. See, economics is the study of choice. Specifically, it’s about the choice of how you allocated limited resources that have … Les mer

Bøker 2024

Skråpånatta – Lars Mytting. På papir. Jeg blir fortsatt rørt. Sovereign – C. J. Sansom. Jeg har blitt hekta på Shardlake Dark Fire – C. J. Sansom. Matthew Shardlake er tiltake i Cromwells tjeneste. Like bra Dissolution – C. J. Sansom. Tudor-advokat jakter morder i kloster. Lett å like The Age of Reason – Thomas … Les mer

Bøker 2023 (66 – 475 siden 2002)

A canticle for Leibowitz – Walther M Miller               Trist men fin sci-fi. Minneverdig Magpie Murders – Anthony Horowitz                       Intrikat «who done it». Bra The Riddle of the sands – Erskine Childers             Kjempefin «spionbok» fra Nordsjøkysten Black Run – D.L. Marshall                 Møte i rom sjø, mer MacLean 😊 Anthrax Island – D.L. Marshall          MacLean er tilbake! … Les mer

A dad’s diet affects his sperm — and his sons’ health

Mouse fathers who ate high-fat foods and human fathers with high body-mass index have male offspring with metabolic disorders. A dad’s sperm records his diet — and this record affects his sons’ metabolism, according to a study of mice and humans1. Giving male mice a high-fat diet raises levels of some types of RNA in … Les mer