The Chevy Malibu is the latest sedan to die

Chevy will stop production of its Malibu model in November to push into EV production.

By Cassandra Cassidy

May 10, 2024

High school parking lots are going to look a lot different in 10 years. This week, GM announced it’s retiring the Chevy Malibu, the company’s last sedan model, to focus on EV production.

The demise of the Malibu finishes what GM started at Chevy last year when it eliminated the Camaro, leaving it with a lineup of only SUVs, trucks, and the two-door Corvette. And GM isn’t the only carmaker to step away from smaller cars as they lose popularity among drivers 1):

  • Ford (mostly) quit sedans in 2019, though it still makes the Mustang.
  • Stellantis is focused on SUVs and trucks but plans to bring back an electric version of the Dodge Challenger in 2025.
  • Foreign automakers like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Subaru have also scaled back their sedan production.

Driving the change: Younger car owners are looking for something roomier that can fit both their REI camping equipment and their goldendoodle. Since SUVs and crossovers are more profitable than sedans, carmakers have been happy to adjust to the trend. Cars (hatchbacks, sedans, coupes, etc.) accounted for less than 23% of auto sales in the US in 2021, according to JD Power.

Looking electric…despite consumers’ tepid interest in EVs, GM is investing $390 million to refit the Malibu factory to produce the new Bolt.—CC

1) Kanskje de bare er offer for markedsføring? Siden fabrikantene tjener mer på SUVer, så er det vel SUVer de helst vil pushe på kundene også.