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This is a presentation of the ancestral tree of my beloved daughter Viktoria. Thanks to the incredible work of Harald Sletner and many others, the family can be traced back as far as 1595!

These pages are written in English, since I except that the content might be of interest to people outside of Norway. About a hundred years ago, many of the siblings of my own ancestors emigrated to America, so Viktoria has quite a lot of relatives on the other side of the Atlantic too.

If you visit these pages and missing branches that you actually have knowledge about, please contact me. I'm also interested in any other kind of feedback too, regarding layout, content or life in general. 

One note of caution, the date format is Norwegian, i.e. dd.mm.yyyy.

But enough said, let's start climbing the tree.

Viktoria, born 12.02.2002, died 13.02.2002.
William, born 08.02.2005.

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