Mining our way to energy transition

«Primary material extraction» steg fra 22 milliarder tonn i 1970 til 70 milliarder i 2010 og det forventes 180 milliarder tonn i 2050. Kilde: UNEP 2016 OECD anslår at materialbruken vil øke fra 79 Gt i 2011 til 167 Gt i 2060, mens per capita forbruk øker fra 33kg til 45kg. I 2017 så fordelingen … Les mer

Syntetisk drivstoff

A plant will use 20 megawatts to produce 8000 tons of transportation fuel per year, This method will avoid producing 28,600 tons of CO2 annually from fossil fuels. 20 MW 24/365 is equivelant to 175 GWh/year. That could power electric cars for 1000 million kilometers or produce enough diesel to power fossile fuel cars 167 … Les mer

No plans

The energy transition has no plan – just goals Doug Houseman (Principal Consultant at Burns & McDonnell) about energy storage. Doug is a leader and visionary in grid and utility modernization.

Green hydrogen

What do we need? According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), the world will need 19 exajoules of green hydrogen in the energy system in 2050 — between 133.8 million and 158.3 million tonnes a year. Recharge calculations show that producing such a volume would require at least 6,690TWh of dedicated electricity every year … Les mer

The four pillars of modern society

These four are responsible for 17% of all energy consumed and 25% of CO2 emissions. Cement 4,4 billion tons A typical modern plant consumes 4 GJ of energy to produce one ton of cement, while the cement production in the world is about 3.6 billion tons per year. It was estimated that the cement manufacturing … Les mer


Greit om du kan plukke det fra industri du ikke kan leve uten, men fangst fra friluft er det mest fjollete til dags dato. One run takes about four hours and the process needs ~2,000 kWh of thermal energy and ~650 kWh of electricity to capture one tonne of CO2. The CO2 thus separated from ambient air is also mixed with water and … Les mer

Hvor langt kommer vi

Solar and wind energy are notably expected to play a major role in this decade, accounting for up to a third of emission reductions. Net zero by 2050 scenarios from the IEA, IRENA and BP all agree that installed solar and wind capacities must be close to About 200 GW of new solar PV and … Les mer

Seaborg reaktoren

Svensk/dansk-utviklet Compact Molten Salt reaktor, ikke mye større enn en varebil, men likevel i stand til å levere 100 MW elektrisitet (250MW termisk energi) 24/7. Reaktoren trenger også lagertanker for smeltet salt og en dampturbin , f.eks. en GE STF-A100 , men fotavtrykket er fortsatt beskjedent. Det er vanskelig å sammenligne med vindmøller, men du … Les mer

Jeff McFadden (@JeffAndDonkeys)

For reasons I cannot grasp, several new people have «followed» (Twitter’s term) my writings this weekend, just as I have put most new writing on hold.I feel guilty. I feel as though I owe you, or at least most of you.I write about «climate change» – ecosystem catastrophe. 2. There are, basically, three positions on «climate.»One, … Les mer

Solceller til eget bruk

Tilbud fra Otovo 5. oktober 2022 (forventet leveringstid 12 mnd): 25 x 400W paneler (installert 10 kW) FuturaSun, FU 400 M Silk Plus (8,8% virkningsgrad) Vekselretter Growatt, MID 10KTL3-XL 2 stk. optimere Montert 7 paneler mot syd og 18 mot vest Forventet årlig produksjon 7700 kWh 50% egenbruk, 50% salg 20 år for leasingkunder, 10 … Les mer

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